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10 Steps to Sell Fast

Consider how quickly you want to sell the property and accept that if you want to sell it very quickly than you will need to offer a better deal.

By Matthew Hintz

So you’ve decided you’re ready to sell your home? Stuck in a bad mortgage and need a mortgage solution quickly to pull out of a bad deal and cut your losses? Just received an inheritance and are looking to get rid of it so you can sell equity in house and convert it into much needed cash funding? Ready to move out of the city and don’t have time to fix up the place before you sell it?

Well you’ve come to the right place, because in this article we are going to talk about a few basic steps you can take to ensure that your property sells quickly and for the best deal available.

First of all you’ll want to set a price to keep in mind to start negotiations. Try to be reasonable and check local comparable properties to find out what everyone else has been paying. Buyers and real estate agents will recognize a good deal and will act fast to close the deal, so if they are being reluctant you might be asking too much. Consider how quickly you want to sell the property and accept that if you want to sell it very quickly than you will need to offer a better deal.

Secondly, the so called “Curb Appeal” to a location is very important to selling it. It is the basic appearance of a property when you pull up and park to visit the spot. Houses that have strong curb appeal can and often do get better prices than those that simply look horrible. Merely keeping a fresh coat of paint on the building, having flowers or even a nice mailbox can significantly improve the initial appearance of a home. If you don’t have time for all of that, don’t worry, because you can still sell your house to someone who does want to fix and renovate it. However, keep in mind that many home buyers will be judging a location by it’s appearance and you know what they say about first impressions.

Making a great outward appearance is important because it gives the buyers incentive to hurry so that they aren’t beat by their competition, and taking the initiative when you sell home fast helps you gain momentum which is important because the first month a home is placed on the market is it’s most critical time to determine it’s value and if it will take a long difficult process to sell it or not.

Thirdly, consider making various improvements on the structure itself inside and out. Simple things like light fixtures being in working order with no rusted parts visible can drastically improve a home’s appearances. If you can get them into the home to have a look, you want them to like what they find on the inside and around the building. Are all of the water and gas pipes working properly? Is there any flood damage? Does the carpet need to be replaced? Are there any holes or markings on the walls? Do all of the doors open and shut properly?


Many buyers are unhappy to see cracks in the walls, door handles that aren’t working properly, or an air conditioning system that isn’t heating or cooling the house effectively.

Simple improvements can be the best solution, whereas often times it might be easier to simply inform the buyer of more expensive and extensive damage (pipes, electrical, etc) and bring down your asking price to compensate for the renovations that the buyer will be facing. A powerful way to improve your house’s appearance cheaply is to hire landscapers to give your home that fresh cut look, or if you have the tools and the time, you can save a lot by doing the work yourself.  Also you might consider the style that is popular and update a few things to make the home appear more trendy and appealing.

A fourth tip is to start cleaning out all of the small items from the house, and get rid of excess furniture, especially older damaged items that can make the interior look unappealing. In addition to making a room look better, removing all of these smaller unnecessary items will make the rooms look bigger and more spacious. If you don’t have time or the ability to clean a location properly, consider hiring some movers and a cleaning crew to go through the property and take care of a lot of these issues. Even washing the windows, deep cleaning the bathroom, or clearing out a cluttered garage can be cheap ways to make big improvements.

A very important step that can be costly is to make sure that you fix anything that’s broken. Many buyers are unhappy to see cracks in the walls, door handles that aren’t working properly, or an air conditioning system that isn’t heating or cooling the house effectively. From insulation to plumbing, there could be a significant amount of work to do on a home to get it up to modern standards. If you are willing to lower your asking price enough, you could sell a house as is no matter what dilapidated conditions it’s in. There are buyers who are even specifically looking for a home in terrible condition to either tear down and reuse the property or to conduct a significant remodeling makeover before reusing the structure.

Make sure to remove any personal items like photos or family art that reveal the place belonged to you. This process, called depersonalizing the home, is effective at luring in potential buyers and allowing them to see the place as if it were theirs rather than seeing that it was yours. You will also want to consider basic privacy concerns and protect yourself from anyone prying into your life.

The seventh step is to be extremely flexible with how available you are to show the location to any potential buyers. Make showing the place a priority and be able to show it any day around the clock because you never know what opportunities you might miss if you can’t show your house when someone finally comes looking to buy it!

One idea that can really improve the appeal and desirability of a home is to remove all pets and any signs that pets were once living there, or additionally any signs of smoking. Make sure to clean up any hair or food bowls that may be dispersed around the area and to consider the smell. If a room or the entire house smells bad, this could depreciate it’s appearance and appeal. It might be worth considering having the cleaning crew resolve any bad smells from pets or tobacco use.


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Next, when it comes to choosing someone to help you sell your home, make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate agent and that they will be listing your property on social media websites. The more places your home is advertised the better off you’ll be when you sell home fast. This is very important if you’re in a huge hurry and need a quick mortgage solution or simply need to sell home for cash quick.

The more social media sites or retail listings that your home is on, the higher odds you have at finding a potential buyer who might be using any one of those portals.

Lastly, to sell equity in a home now, you’ll need to take lots of photographs of the area and put them up with the listings online or in the local newspapers. If the social media website has a comments section you should add some positive helpful comments to it. One feature that can really help sell home fast is the addition of a write-up that gives all sorts of information about a property and especially describes the neighborhood and amenities available in the surrounding area such as schools, libraries, grocery, or other attractions.

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