What are the steps in selling a home for cash?
1) Fill out the form on https://sellforcash.org/sell/
2) We will call you to discuss your needs and personalize your offer
3) We pay cash and close. You pick the date!
How fast does it take to sell my house for cash?
Sellforcash.org has an average turnaround of 1 week from signing a contract to
receiving cash for your house. This can be completed in as little as two
days, depending on circumstance
How much do I save on closing costs selling for cash?
Our clients save an average of $13,000 on closing costs.
Where do we buy houses?
We buy houses within an hour radius of Nashville and other surrounding cities.
How do we buy your house?
We are an organization of Cash Buyers and Real Estate Professionals in the
Nashville area. That means no financing contingencies or failure to qualify for a loan and a FAST close!
What if my house needs updating, cleaning or major renovation?
We will buy houses in any condition and even prefer houses in need of TLC, so we can bring the home up to its potential.
How long do I have to move out after selling my house?
Typically, we expect homeowner’s to move out the day they sell, but under special
circumstances we can allow temporary occupancy of the property after the
We have allowed homeowners two months in the property after the sale based on need.
What are the advantages of selling our home for cash rather than listing with a Realtor?
Advantages of selling for cash versus a traditional Realtor include the speed of
the transaction, the certainty of the transaction, privacy of the
sale and saving on fees and commissions.
Our buying team will make a prompt offer. You don’t have to wait for a Realtor to list
your house, have strangers view your home or depend on any unfair closing contingencies.
Is it safe to sell home for cash?
Yes! We are experienced professionals and we value your time and privacy.
How do you determine the amount of the cash offer for my home?
We compare the price of your home to the market value based on your
location, the current  condition of the property and estimate any
repairs/renovations needed. We factor these and opinions of Real Estate professionals when making our offer.