9 Hottest Spots to Live in Nashville

9 Hottest Spots to Live in Nashville

What are the most desirable and popular areas in the Nashville region you might wonder? Whether you are looking to buy a home now or even if you are seeking to sell house fast for cash, knowing what areas are hot and which ones are cooling off is important information so that you can decide what your best buy or what kind of selling price you might ask.


Considered by many to be the hottest place around the Nashville metropolis, Brentwood is growing rapidly and property values are skyrocketing as people compete to get a slice of land. It’s a low crime high employment area with a very high median income. Their schools are considered very high quality and their homes are often very beautiful and astonishing. There is a significant amount of parkland around the area so people can partake in natural settings as opposed to the concrete and steel that greater Nashville has quickly become.


This area has one of the most unique and fascinating atmospheres in the entire region. As one of the oldest parts of Nashville it has a deep and complex history, and it’s German themes. In fact, the community of Germantown hosts the annual Oktoberfest and the area has a large number of the city’s most famous and memorable restaurants and boutiques. With it’s proximity to Bicentennial Park, First Tennessee Stadium which is home to the Sounds baseball club and the new professional soccer club, and to the Farmer’s Market gives Germantown residents the flexibility and options that other communities simply don’t have.

Edgehill Village:

A quickly changing area of Nashville is the Edgehill area north of Belmont University. It is composed of many nice homes and is right next to the Music Row strip. The location of this community is what gives it the most practical advantages and makes it a wonderful place to move in to. For people who work anywhere around the area, from Downtown to the Universities, this location offers easy commutes and accessibility.  There are a few stores and restaurants, but most of it is office style commercial or residential buildings.

Green Hills:

Further south from Downtown Nashville is the Green Hills area. This is an ideal location for those who don’t want to have to travel all over town to get what they need. There is a mall, large grocery stores, clothing and a wide assortment of dining choices, along with virtually any other shopping niche you can imagine. Although the population demographic of Green Hills is diverse, the majority of the people there are generally wealthy families and the shopping districts reflect that with high prices and affluent styles.

East Nashville:

Many people have chosen to live in East Nashville and over the last few decades the entire area has gone under a massive facelift, with all sorts of new buildings arising and many older ones getting extensive remodeling and rebranding. The general population of this area is young adults and young families, and the attitude of the general community is progressive and hip. Many musicians and other artists call this area home because of it’s chill culture. There are all sorts of housing options in this area and you can cover the entire spectrum from affordable to expensive.


As one of the hottest, and more expensive areas to move into, Nolensville is attracting people because of it’s small town atmosphere. There are plenty of parks and they have plenty of space to move around in. There are some interesting novelty and specialty shops to be found here but the primary desirability factor of this area is the very nice communities and neighborhoods, the country style flair of the area, and the fact it offers the best of both worlds, allowing people to feel the small town life while being able to be in Nashville within a short drive.

Pleasant View:

There actually are great views and a pleasant vibe in the small but growing community of Pleasant View. The community is very friendly, the crime rates are very low, and the styles of architecture and the layout of the area is very, well, Pleasant. It has access to the interstate so makes commuting to other areas of town very simple and quick, and there are many local community events worth checking out on Main Street in the famous Olde Towne Historic District. Though many of the homes in this community are large Ranch or Farmhouse style places, you will still find many excellent deals in this area as it offers some of the best buys out there.


The suburb of Goodlettsville in the norther area of Nashville is an excellent area to move into especially if you want easy commuter access to the rest of the city while still being able to find large spacious land plots. They are placed strategically nearby everything that anyone could need, from countless shops and stores to even the nearby Rivergate Mall. From job opportunities to outdoor areas to jog in, this area offers everything and so it’s no wonder that so many people are trying to plant their roots there.

Mount Juliet:

The community of Mount Juliet is quickly gaining popularity as a great middle class area to move in to. The homes are very modern and the layout is efficient, Old Hickory Lake and several parks are nearby, and there are ample options for shopping.  The commute to other sections of town is fairly easy along the main speedways and so many of greater Nashville’s workers have chosen to live in Mount Juliet for it’s safe community and it’s proximity to jobs throughout the rest of the metro area.




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